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Meet the Family

 Du-Life with Us

Working Mother
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- The Mom -

My name is Kim Duhamel. I am the mom of three amazing grown children- Crystal, Elijah, and
Micah, the Mimi of two beautiful granddaughters, and the pet parent to a pretty cool collie-mix named Tarzan. However, the truest and purest description of who I am is simply but most powerfully, “Child of God.” I enjoy writing, home-keeping, teaching, homespun hospitality and everything Jesus!


- The Daughter -

My name is Crystal Duhamel-Hopper. My husband, Dallas, and I are parents to two beautiful daughters: Olive and Bryleigh. We live on my in-laws ranch in South Central, Texas. Between busy school schedules and managing a library, I make the effort to delight in the glory of God in every experience no matter the circumstance.  I enjoy the creative process of photography and editing, the satisfaction of organization, and the joy of hospitality and community service!

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- The Oldest Son -

Hey! My name is Elijah Duhamel. I'm currently attending Oral Roberts University; studying Sports Management. After a tough few years of recovery, due to a back injury, I am continuing to pursue a professional basketball career. I have big dreams but serve an even BIGGER GOD! Outside of basketball and training, I study hard in university, indulge in gaming,  and spend time with my best friend, Landon. 



- The Youngest Son -

What's up?! My name is Micah Duhamel. I am diligently seeking God for direction in the way He wants me to go. I love to game, watch movies, hang with friends, and spend time with my adorable girlfriend!

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